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Discover your Saboteurs – automated patterns in your mind for how to think, feel, and react.
The Avoider, Hyper-Achiever, Pleaser, Hyper-Rational and some more – they all cause your stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, restlessness, and unhappiness.

The Saboteur Assessment is your first step to conquering your Saboteurs — identifying them to expose their lies and limiting beliefs.

What you will learn:

For sure you know the voices in your head that sabotage your performance, wellbeing, and relationships.
They all started their existence in your mind with a good purpose, that of helping you survive to real or imagined threats.
Most probably you no longer need them; nevertheless, they still exist in your mind.

To conquer your Saboteurs, the first step is labelling your thoughts and emotions when they are negative, so you can then train your Sage muscle, the one in you that handles challenges with a clear and calm mind.

Take this assessment so that you can explore the 9 Saboteurs and the degree of their presence in your day-to-day life.
You will also discover their limiting beliefs and mechanism of action.

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